Visaf has manufactured cold formed screws and bolts for all needs since 1977

We deal with steel, brass, copper, aluminum, bronze, stainless-steel screws, nuts and bolts produced in accordance with the customer’s specific needs, It is no accident that our company motto is “All the screws in my head”. Over the years the company has increasingly specialized in the production of small head screws ranging from M2 to M6.

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We have supported your projects since 1977

We build your future starting from your present


Each screw is produced with a specific purpose, from the simple fastening of a shelf in the house to applications in the fashion sectors.


The quality of our products knows no bounds. This is why we also operate in the Middle East, South America and Continental Europe.


The special attention we save for our products and for the environment has made us a point of reference in Marche since 1994.


Not looking for standard screws? No problem, we can implement customized solutions through our cutting-edge technology.