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Quality is our passion

Our company boasts a modern integrated quality control system, which allows monitoring, recording and tracing each processing stage by means of a PC installed on each machine. Over the years, Visaf has acquired sorting machines to select the materials produced, in compliance with the rules provided for by the ISO 9001 regulation.

All processing occurs paying great attention to the environment. Each aspect of the production cycle is monitored, and automatic oil collection systems are used in order not to release any potentially noxious material into the environment. The oils collected are then reused during production and disposed of in accordance with the law..

Thanks to these precautions, we have proudly been awarded the ISO 14001 certificate for over 6 years. In addition, we are one of the first companies in Marche to have had the ISO:9001 certificate since 1994.

However, Visaf does not consider quality as a mere certificate to display, but rather a corporate system aimed at ensuring efficiency and traceability.

Efficiency means we can quickly respond to the customer’s needs thanks to optimized production processes. Traceability means we are always aware of the exact location of a screw in the production cycle thanks to a company-wide information digitalization system.

Our certificates