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Ever since its foundation back in 1977, Visaf srl has sought innovation. Shortly after its establishment, the management decided not to market its products, investing most of the capital in the purchase of cutting-edge machinery. The same business model is adopted more than 40 years later. Today, our fleet of machines includes twenty among the most technological and innovative presses in the sector.

The company’s reference market is that of electric power and electronics, which now accounts for about 70% of its turnover. A guarantee for buyers in the sector both nationwide and worldwide, Visaf has gained specific skills with a view to meeting customers’ needs and solving production problems.

A secondary, yet essential sector for the company is fashion, which has grown over the years to current 30% of turnover. Despite having entered this segment only recently, thanks to its adaptability and the expertise of its operators, Visaf has been able to secure international customers who have then in turn enabled it to grow professionally.

About 65-70% of production is absorbed by the Italian market, while the remaining part is divided between Middle East, South America and Continental Europe.

Our markets: figures

Most of Visaf’s production is intended for the national territory. Even so, we export a good amount of our products to other countries, which, aware of the attention we attach to quality and the environment, have decided to choose us.

0% Italy
0% South America
0% Europe
0% Middle East